Distanced Fall Leadership Conference

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Monday - Leadership

1.1 DECA Promo Video
1.2 DECA Promo Video Discussion Guide
2 Leaders emulate Leaders
3.1 DECA Styles Quiz Video
3.2 DECA Styles Quiz
4 Paper Plate Activity
5.1 DECA Direct
5.2 DECA Direct Discussion Guide
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Tuesday - Competitive Events

1. Choosing the Right Event
2. Testing Best Practices
3. Exam Blueprint
4.1 Role Play Best Practices
4.2 Written Event Best Practices
5.1 Critique the Role Play Activity
5.2 Practice Tests
5.3 Check out the DECA Penalty Points
6. Mock Role Play Activity
7. Virtual Challenges Video
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Wednesday - Taking Your Chapter to the NEXT LEVEL

1. DECA Diamond Activity
2. Iowa DECA Virtual Scavenger Hunt
3. The Blindfold Activity
4.1 Creating Your Program of Leadership Video
4.2 Program of Leadership Infographic
4.3 Creating Your Chapter’s Program of Leadership Guide
5.1 Iowa DECA Social Media Infographic
5.2 Creating Your Chapter’s Social Media Plan Video
5.3 DECA Social Media Guide
6. So You Want to be an Officer Video
7. 2021-2022 Officer Screening Packet
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6. So You Want to be an Officer Video

Have you considered becoming a state officer? If so, this is the video for you! Hear from the 2020-2021 team why you should run, why they chose to become officers, and the best parts about their positions.

Thursday - Professionalism

1. Etiquette and Professional Development Video
2.1 Landing the Job with Your Perfect Resume
2.2 Resume Template
3.1 Reach and Teach Virtual Interview Series
3.2 Reach & Teach Virtual Interview Series Worksheet
3.3 Reach and Teach FAQs
4. DECA Professional Dress Code
5. DECA Talks Discussion Guide
6. DECA Inc. Scholarship Graphic
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Friday - Looking Ahead

1. FLC Closing Message
2.1 DECA Month Social Media Challenge Explanation
2.2 DECA Month Social Media Submission Form
3. 2020-2021 Iowa DECA Calendar
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